Neon and Zebra.


How are you dolls doing?
What a weekend!Intense in one word!
Runway shows,an amazing weather and a lot of food.Talking about pictures,I can't wait to see some of my pictures on the runway.
Here is my outfit of what I wore yesterday on my way to the show.

-Forever 21 neon Sweater.
-Express jeans.
-Qupid zebra peep toe pumps.
-Calvin Klein tote.
--Micheal Kors watch.

Stay cool.

Casual Look with a Great Smile.


Hope my favourite readers are doing just amazing.I am running crazy between school and work.
So I am adopting casual looks.
Hope to take great pictures during the weekend.

-Guess sneakers.
-Destroyed jeans got in Ross Store.
-Charlotte Russe top
-Gabriel Brothers Purse
-H&M sunnies
-Forever 21 faux-leather jacket (that I didn't wear)

Stay cool.

Trip to Boston.


How are you dolls doing?Yay!I can't believe that I have been away for this long.
I spent my weekend in Boston,where I attended 2 important meetings .It was Rwanda Day and I was working  in protocol.Most of the time I wore my country's traditional attire called "imikenyero".
I managed to take some pictures on Friday before the cocktail.

-Bakers leather skirt
-Thrifted sparkly top
-Ciao Bella peep toe pumps
-Forever 21 clip on earrings.
-Pulsar watch.

My instaoutfit on Saturday :

-Forever 21 leather pants.
-Micheal Kors heels.
-Thrifted blazer.

I wish y'all a great week.

Stay cool.


Tell me that you too are obsessed with this song of Usher "DIVE"
I am going crazy about it.That is why I chose this title for my post.
I haven't really got time to dig into fashion lately and follow all the glamorous NY fashion shows that happened weeks ago.But now I am watching all the shows on youtube and saving some great pictures of collections that I imaginary wish I have in my closet.I will share with you the pictures and my opinions on them.

It is that time too that in my small city,Pittsburgh,we host a fashion week.I have booked 5 shows so far.Today,I did my first fitting.I had fun trying on different vintage outfits.I really can't wait for next week.I was hoping to take great pictures today,unfortunately,it was a cold day.I picked a warm outfit and had my 10 inches heels in a bag.

-H&M sunnies
-Forever 21 top and sleeveless cardigan
-H&M military coat
-Express skinny jeans
-Thrifted pumps.

Stay cool.

The View.


Happy Monday!
Just couple pictures that I took yesterday after lunch with a girl friend.

-Express jeans
-Sport Wear top
-H&M sunnies
-Qupid shoes
-Forever 21 crossbody.

Stay cool.

Saturday Pancakes.


I have always been a big fan of Saturdays.There is a lot of fun activities going on:sleeping in,lunch with the girls,taking pictures,shopping,cooking,dates,drinks,clubs or bars,...
Today,I had breakfast with my roommate at a pancakes house near our place.I adore pancakes.They remind me of my mum for some reasons.
I am sorry,I was running late and just came up with this simple look.

-NY&C leopard prints shirt
-Forever 21 old skirt
-Vintage Tote
-Fashion Bug pumps(Thrifted)

Stay cool.

Red and Denim.


Who is loving this chilly weather like me?At first I was so upset about this upcoming cold weather,then thought of it when I was trying to change my closet and getting ready to move in a new apt.Actually,it is a good thing.I won't have to shop a lot,maybe a little less,since I will be pairing my summer wardrobe with colorful cardigans and blazers.Not forgetting cute scarves and gorgeous leggings.
Today,I just added a denim shirt on a used-to-be-bridesmaid-dress.

-Express dress
-Massimo denim shirt
-Qupid sandals
-H&M sunnies

Stay cool.

Blonde Girl Headed to the Sun.


How are you dolls surviving with this weather transition?
Myself,I have lied in my bed all day long because of a cold caught from my crazy weekend without a sweater.
Nevertheless this cold weather,I am hoping to pull out cute outfits with colourful cardigans and gorgeous blazer.Not forgetting sexy boots and leather pieces..Awww
Yesterday,I took a quick jump to the mall and here is my outfit.
I am sorry again for foggy pictures.

-Jessica Simpson Denim shirt
-Forever 21 lace skirt
-Espirit sandals
-Rosetti bag

Stay cool.

Random Things.


Wow,what a weekend!In two words:Magnifique et inoubliable!
I feel so bad for the lack of new pictures on my blog.I hope I get a new lense soon.
Meanwhile,I have been creating looks on Polyvore.I am just obsessed with skirts.

How was your weekend dolls?

I wish y'all a great week.

Stay cool.


Hello, My name is Chantal. A Rwandan girl now living in Pittsburgh. Welcome to my little fashion world!
Enjoy the journey.


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