Pretty in Lace.


Happy Women's History Month ladies! Starting the month in this pretty lace number from Tobi. What's more feminine than a maxi lace dress!
I have to say that I love, actually that I am in love with the woman I became when I passed my 25th birthday. I am more independent, I don't need the approval of anyone, and I freely express myself. These are things I never got to experience before and I remember being worried about what people think of me, what if they don't like me and all that BS. I can tell you that there is nothing more powerful than being confident.

{Dress: Wanderlust Lace Maxi Dress // Jacket: Tj Maxx // Clutch: Marshalls // Sandals:GoJane}

Stay cool.


  1. That Wanderlust wine coloured lace dress from Tobi is extremely pretty, and you look fabulous rocking it!!! I love your outfit photos.



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