forgotten Pictures.


I have never been this busy and antisocial like lately!I confess,I don't have enough time to go through all the comments and follow what is going in different blogs that I follow.I don't want karma to come after me,I will take the weekend and do what I like: Blogging!
I present to you forgotten pictures where I am wearing a thrifted coat.

-Thrifted coat
-Tj Maxx belt
-Charlotte Russe boots
-Gifted bangle and hand made necklace
-Forever 21 clip on earrings

Stay cool.

Velvet meets Leather!


Saturday night post,I got Bee Gees playing,....
Just an amazing Night!
Here is my OOTD!
-Thrifted velvet blouse
-Forever 21 leather pants
-Anne Michelle strappy sandals
-H&M sunnies

I wish y'all a fun night.Love

Stay cool.



What an amazing day it was yesterday!Sunny!
I felt like wearing vintage high waisted pants and a cropped sweater.
what do you think?

-Forever 21 sweater
-Gifted Ralph Lauren pants
-Gabriel Brothers booties.
-H&M sunnies
-Forever 21 blazer(Not wore)

Have a great weekend and

Stay cool.

Late Night Post,The lift and Edited Pictures!


I am sleepless and I thought I could use my time in editing pictures and catch up on answering comments that you left for me.
Here is couple pictures that I took in a lift,in my apt,..Crazy pictures!

I switched from my red lipstick to an orange colour.Which I think is more Fall and very neutral!
What do you think?

-Forever 21 turtleneck and tights
-Thrifted faux leather skirt and wedges
-Mum's scarf

I wish you all a great week.

Stay cool.

Edited Pictures!

Happy Saturday!
How are y'all doing?How is your weekend?I am so happy and I can't really explain why!But who cares about the reason!I am just happy!
During the week,I took couple pictures but it wasn't sunny at all,foggy weather,so I had to edit them!
What do you think of the outfit?

-Wet seal knit dress
-Tj Maxx coat
-Jessica Simpson platforms
-Gabriel Brothers purse

Stay cool.

Leather Look.


I was recently very inspired by a look I have seen in a magazine.A leather look!
From runways to magazines,street styles,blogs,stores,...Leather looks rock especially during a cold weather.

Not only that I am so into leather pieces now,but also the black on black outfits.Very sexy,classy and unique!

-Forever 21 Leather jacket
-Forever 21 Leather pants
-Ciao Bella pumps

Stay cool.

Celebrity Crush:Kim K.


Hope your week started pretty cool!My Monday was amazing.I was off and "No home works".
I was on when I saw Kim K's recent looks and really liked them.
I just want to share the pictures with you.

Stay cool.


Hello, My name is Chantal. A Rwandan girl now living in Pittsburgh. Welcome to my little fashion world!
Enjoy the journey.


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