A 100 Followers.


Can you scream with me?AWWWWWWW
I reached a 100 followers :)!It is all because of you.Without you this little blog of mine won't exist.
Thanks for showing the love.I really appreciate.
Today I went makeup shopping with my roommate.Here is what I wore.

-Charlotte Russe see through sweater.
-Gabriel Brothers bikini
-H&M Shorts.
-Sandra Wedges.

Just in case you wonder why I don't have a purse or wear sunglasses on this eye-burning sun,I have an excuse.
1.I am not a purse person.I just grab my keys,my phone and my bank card and off I go.Don't ask me where I carry my camera.HAHA...
2.I hate sunnies because they make my face sweat.For some reasons.

Thanks again for following and your lovely comments make my heart go BOOM BOOM...

Stay cool.

Celebrity Crush :RIHANNA.


How is your Saturday coming up?
Mine..well..Lets see:I am at work right now and trying to make it fun even tho it can't be possible.I wish I could take pictures in the middle of the night and try on outfits as I do on a regular day when not working over night.Since I can't post pictures of myself,I thought of sharing with you darlings my celebrity crush.Rihanna of cause.To tell you the truth,I am intrigued by her sandals.I love the sandals she wears.She pulls up dressy sandals with casual outfits to make it look not over the top.Which I find sexy,girly and rafined!I would define her style as edgy and street style when she is not killing it on a red carpet.Her style also screams strength and confidence-giving.
One word:She nails it!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of her.

What do you think of her style?Tell me who is your favorite celebrity.
Wishing y'all a great weekend and

Stay cool.

Silly,How Dare you?

Don't you love the title?haha
I do!I went crazy..Actually that is real me!The one who want to take crazy pictures,weird postures,..
That is me!

Ok,Yesterday me and my best friend,One of them,went to watch SPARKLE.Great movie.It was so nice seeing Whitney Houston again.Two words:Great dresses!
I was in my OH WAOUH moment seeing the vintage dresses.My best friend said something stupid too.She said that if she had a great voice like Jordan's,she will be singing instead of talking.Hahahaha
I love her.

Anyway..Here are my crazy,parking lot pictures.

-Almost Famous tunic dress.
-DV sandals.

Stay cool.

Looking Back.


Happy Sunday.

To tell you the truth,I am a stalker!Not in a bad way tho.(For my defense)
I stalk a lot of bloggers,different pages on facebook,different websites,.to get inspirations.
Who doesn't need inspiration?I do!And I love doing it.

Here I found this picture this morning when I was looking for something to wear.
Beautiful girl,great colors and such a stunning outfit.
I loved it right the way and came up with my own look.Check that out.

-Forever 21 Neon blouse
-Thrifted leather skirt
-Ciao Bella peep toe pumps
-Calvin Klein Tote
-Bangles from Rwanda.

Wish y'all a great week.

Stay cool.



It s midnight and I am posting!Weird,but I can't close my eyes when I have some pictures cooking in my camera ready to be shared with my darlings!I know I have a long day tomorrow at work,but ,,I love you so much to keep the secret to myself!

-Do you guys love H&M?
-I do!I love H&M so much.
With affordable,amazing,colorful and beautiful trends..How can't I love it?
It is the first store I go in every time I go to the mall.

I went to church and wore H&M attention grabber orange dress and the cutest sandals.
A very cute and simple look.Here are the pictures.

The necklace and the bangles are from my up coming accessories line.

Stay cool.

Taking Things To Another Level.


I want to share with you lovelies pictures I took before heading to a beauty supply to get hair extensions.
I have been dying to wear this pencil skirt that I used to wear back in in a choir!
Yeah...I used to sing in a choir at my church!Anyway,I paired this skirt with a denim shirt by Lee.
Calving Klein Purse and Ciao Bella Pumps.

Stay cool.

Sunday Brunch.


I am so amazed how time flies so quick.Another Sunday!
I love Sundays because when I was a kid,Sundays meant breakfast together with mum,dad and my brother.Then we used to go to church together and all dressed up.After church,it was time to eat lunch outside in restaurants or having a huge brunch at home with visitors.Sunday evenings,we used to watch movies together after finishing up our home works.How I miss all those memories.
I try to do the same here but things are tight and such an hectic schedule :)

On this Sunday,I chose to dress in all white.Don't ask me why but my mum wears white on Sundays.I miss her so bad and I wore white.
Here are the pictures.

-Calvin Klein Shoes.(My new love.I am serious.)
-Express white jeans
-Almost famous White low-high blouse.
-Forever 21 woven crossbody.
-African bangles sent by my mum.
-Pulsar watch.

Hope you enjoyed this post!And thanks for following :) Love you for that.

Stay cool.


Hello, My name is Chantal. A Rwandan girl now living in Pittsburgh. Welcome to my little fashion world!
Enjoy the journey.


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