3 Things.

3 things to tell you!And I am super excited about them.

1.I had a widely acclaimed  weekend.When I say that,believe me because it was just a renowned one.
A friend from New York came over to visit.Have I ever told you that I see myself living in NY?Wearing crazy,gorgeous, magnificent ,edgy,kingly outfits and walking in the streets taking remarkable pictures.
Anyway,Back to the subject,we went ito different places,restos,bars,...
It was just amazing.

2.I bought new Calvin Klein shoes.I told myself that I only have one life.Life is too short to starve myself.hahah I can't believe I just said "Starve myself."
I can't wait to pair them with a white skinny jeans,a low-high skirt or a gorgeous short dress.
I have to admit that I am wearing them in the house right now.oops.

3.The last thing is that I am mapping out future articles to post on my blog.Hope it will be inspirational.

Ok,Here is what I wore on this past Sunday.It was a little chilly and rainy.

-Ciao Bella pumps.
-Express skinny jeans
-Forever 21 tank top
-Almost famous Cover up cardigan
-Rosetti purse
-Thrifted rings.

Stay cool.


  1. You look so happy and lovely Sacha, I'm happy for you that you got a nice weekend!!

    hey you should check out my blog, I'm having a Giveaway of a pair of shoes, check it out and it's easy to enter: http://jessynyiri.blogspot.com/2012/08/giveaway-win-your-favorite-pair-of-shoes.html


    1. Thanks darling.
      Let me check that out and hoping to win those gorgeous shoes of urs.

  2. Gorgeous!!..love hw u paired the black cardi wiv d blue skinny jeans..u look HOT!.. :)
    n the way u justified buying the new Ck shoes n wore em to make this post is so meeee!!...lol

    1. Thanks Freda.
      I guess you are crazy about shoes as I am.

  3. so let me just get this out there...i HATE your body!!! too hot!

  4. great blog. I could live in this outfit. love forever 21.

  5. awwww love that long cami super cute!!!



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