Happy Day and Afro.

I feel like I have been away for so long.True though!It has been more than a week.
But hey..I am always following what is going on on blogosphere and really couldn't wait to take more pictures and share with you guys.
I was in Texas this past weekend and really enjoyed the shortest vacation of all.I stayed over for only 2 days.
So,this outfit that I am sharing with you is what I had on when I was travelling. I thought it would be comfy and a bit warm for cold planes.And I was right!
What do you think?

{Sweatshirt: Zara //  Pants: Unlimited pants //  Booties : Boohoo // Shades: Gabs}

Stay cool.

Late Night Craving.


I just came across these looks on The Fashion Bomb Daily and wanted to share them on the blog.
I am pretty sure that some of you guys already saw them on different websites.That includes Instagram too.

The first look is this dress that Miley Cyrus wore.

Jitrois black leather dress.

If you know me,you know that leather pieces are a must in my closet.
However,I don't think it was the perfect outfit for this season.I won't put on this dress on this weather!On the other hand, lets just agree on one thing:This dress is a knockout!

The second look is Ciara's.

Rik Villa Bandana Muscle Shirt and Sean Bandana Pants

I just love this look.Something that I see myself wearing.
What do you think?

Stay cool.

Do It Like Her.


I knew I wanted to recreate this simple but chic look of Ashley Madekwe,an English actress and a gorgeous blogger,the first time I saw it a while ago on one of the blogs I follow.
Simply ravishing right!Showy,classy,lovely,easy,..you name it!
Check out her blog if you didn't know about it.Here.

{Top:Express //  Skinnies:AE //  Pumps:Micheal Kors // Clutch:Express}

Stay cool.

It is really important for me to be here.


I hate being away,I hate not getting time to blog and I hate not taking pictures!
This has been the busiest week I have had in so long.Not only an hectic schedule with two jobs now,but also my mental statement.
I am not my happy me but no biggie about this because I need time to rest and relax and things will be back to normal.
Today at work,I snapped these snapshots..Nothing awe-inspiring but no outfit of mine goes to waste.

{Blazer:Thrifted // Dress: BeBop // Flats: Forever 21}
Stay cool.

The lady in Yellow.


Hope y'all are having an amazing week.
I ve had this dress since last Summer and it was gifted to me by a very good friend of mine.
I like the color because it looks very cheerful!The neckline is just perfection!
Isn't this a gorgeous lightweight dress?

{Dress:Gifted //  Pumps:Zara //  Clutch:Boohoo //  Earrings:Forever 21}

Stay cool.

Denim Ensemble.


Today I have a very simple but popular look for you.Denims!
Who didn't wear denim on denim outfits?It can be very tricky to find matching denims but don't worry even when they don't match!
This is an easy look and very cute.There is truly no other look to rock on a lazy day when you run out of ideas and your closet seems to be empty.

{Top:Jessica Simpson // Skirt:AE // Heels:Aldo Rise // Bangles:Made in Rwanda}

Stay cool.

New In.


I have been on the search for snakeskin pumps for a while now.Until I came across these Nine West babes.I  needed a new pair of dashing pumps in my wardrobe.
It is so funny how I am always hunting for a good and cheap pair of pumps.
As I said in my previews post,pumps make me feel more feminine!The pointed toe adds a sophisticated touch that I couldn't resist.
These pumps are just a pure bliss.
You can get similar ones HERE

And of cause,I had to get some other treasure!I never go shopping for one thing.

Stay cool.

Currently Loving.


Every time I want to be inspired I check other blogs or different websites to get some ideas,see what is trendy and where things are cheap!And when I find a look that I like or would love to recreate I save it on my computer.I even have an album on Facebook for that purpose!

I am very inspired by these looks that I am sharing with you.
I hope that you like them.

Stay cool.



This oversized baseball tee is what I was missing in my wardrobe.Sometimes I just want to switch to a daytime look and be so comfy comfy comfy...
Plus,Jersey tops are a hit nowadays.
You will never go wrong with a jersey top either you wanna go casual or sophisticated.

{Jersey:Boohoo // Skirt:Thrifted // Heels: Ciao Bella // Clutch: Gifted}

Stay cool.

Dots Dots.


Hope that you guys are having an amazing weekend.
I can't complain,I am having a wonderful one too.
So,back to this post,I am finally getting into recycling my closet and mixing different items that I already have.
No need of shopping for new things,I am just going to mix pieces of my closet.I need to use out all the items I buy and end up wearing  once.
I don't like giving away or throwing away my clothes because I am very attached to them.I mean every piece has a special meaning to me.Every item reminds me of something or someone.
In this post,I am wearing a dress that I wore once when I was going out,I paired it with this flirty skirt.They both have polka dots prints so I thought it would be a nice combo.

{Dress :H&M // Skirt : Express // Pumps : Zara // Watch : Pulsar}

Stay cool.


Hello, My name is Chantal. A Rwandan girl now living in Pittsburgh. Welcome to my little fashion world!
Enjoy the journey.


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