Give me heels.Give me life.

Isn't this a creepy title for a post?And not talking about the time I am updating my blog.
It is 3:23 am,I can't sleep at all and I have to wake up earlier to go to church.
I have been drinking coffee all day long,and now I can't close my eyes.

Ok,...I have been going through a tough time looking for BLACK HIGH HEELS.
I want really good pumps,comfortable,black,chic and simple at the same time.
I am fascinated by high heels and skinny jeans.During this Spring,I want to wear colorful skinny jeans and high heels most of the time.

I need your help,send me links with kind of those shoes.
I am a size 9.
I will appreciate.

Have a good Sunday.
Stay cool.

The Versatile Blogger Award.

I couldn't be more happier than this,waking up and found out that I have an award,the Versatile Blogger Award.,Thanks a lot.

The rules of this award are to give this award to 15 other blogs and tell 7 random things about yourself.

I personally think that these 15 following blogs deserve the award:


And 7 random things about me are

1.I am on a diet.
2.I am harassing my mum to send prints clothes from Africa because they are cheaper.
3.I can't wait for the hot weather so I can go out and take pictures.
4.I have one brother.
5.I all the time wear high heels and a lipstick.
6.I go to the mall every time I am depressed and spend a lot of money.(I also eat a lot when I am depressed.)
7.The only guy that I can marry right now is Liam hemsworth,Miley cyrus's boyfriend.ooops!

Stay cool.

Prints and booties.

Weird enough to take pictures in the middle of the night right?
To be honest,I wanted new pictures but I have been sick,not feeling good and busy with work.Not talking about school (-).So today I came from work,took a shower and then took a look in the mirror.I couldn't stand the way my hair looked.I have been saying that I will change it but nothing done til now.Shame!
Then I remembered of a way to make little curls with my short hair.You just have to twist your hair on your finger.I did it and wanted to take a picture.My roommate saw me and she offered to take couple pictures of me.Guess what?It took us like 3 hrs...hihihih..(Because of my love for pictures.)

This is the result of my little braids.They look funny but I will work on them in the morning.
I wore a print dress sent from Rwanda by my mum.I didn't want to pull out the whole outfit because I am doing some transformations on this dress.My mum got the wrong size and it looks baggy on me.
It is a long dress but I would like it shorter than it is now
I will post the pictures when done with all the transformations.

Stay cool.

My favorite magazine.

Today I have been feeling so low.Don't ask me why because I don't even know.
I didn't eat much and I barely got out of my bed.
In need of some type of energy boost,I dragged myself to the store to get my magazine and something to eat.
 March issue

January and February issues.

And I decided to use a nude shade on my nails.(short nails...sorry!)

Stay cool.

Pieces of my room.

My body mists.I like their smell.
After a shower,spray some on your body and enjoy a long night of sleep.

My perfumes. 

Deodorant and nail polish.

Funny how I got these Jergens body lotions when I wanted to darkening my skin tone.I am already dark skin!That was a stupid idea.I love Jergens body lotions especially these natural glow lotions.They are moisturizers and smell good.

Pimp my curtains.

The top of my thin bed,my teddy bear,....

The only flat shoes in closet.

I got bored at home and started taking pictures in my room.
I still don't know how to use my camera,I am sorry.

Stay cool.

Old memories that came up.

I wanted to share some of the cutest pictures I 've got.

My bro Nicolas.I think he was the cutest baby.
I love him so much.

Me and my bro,

Mum,me and Nicolas.
wow,mum got swag back in the days.(90's)

I was the most stubborn kid ever.

Me again.
I love them sandals!

Me and my dad.

And again...

I had a baby doll and I still do.

Stay cool.


Hello, My name is Chantal. A Rwandan girl now living in Pittsburgh. Welcome to my little fashion world!
Enjoy the journey.


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