When do you know a break is much needed?


This year wasn't really what I expected blog-wise. My blog posts lack creativity and the number of posts dropped down to a not-so-satisfying number of 2-3 posts a month. Don't get me wrong, blogging holds a high place in my heart and picture taking is one of the things/hobbies I run to every chance I get. I take pictures every time I step out of the house, dressed up or down. I have so many saved pictures on my memory card that I still have to share here on the blog. This goes to show what a big procrastinator I am. My only excuse is "School and two jobs". I promise that I will have every single picture up here before this year end. Talk about not knowing the purpose of a blog and viewers counting on you.
In the meantime, Check out my IG for more looks.

{Blouse: Tj Maxx // Pants: Express// Pumps: Zara // Tote: Gabes}

Stay cool.


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