The 20 minutes skirt!

The 20-Minute Skirt!

I didn't really explain in the last tutorial how to add the elastic waistband if that's the kind you prefer, so yesterday I whipped up this little skirt to demonstrate! It actually only took me 15 minutes (and that's with taking photos as I went!) so needless to say, it's an easy one! Any level of sewer can do this!

1. You'll need to measure your hips and cut a length of fabric that is 1.5x that measurement. The length of your skirt is entirely up to you, but mine was about 20" long before hemming.
2. Fold one end of your fabric over twice and hem.
2.(Not pictured) Put the two sides together, right sides facing, and sew them together to make a rube.
3. Stitch around the top with a straight stitch on the longest length.
4. Wrap some 2" elastic around your waist, and mark it with a pin, add half an inch to that length, and cut.
5. Sew one end of the elastic on top of the other with a zig-zag stitch, overlapping about 1/4".
6. Pull your gathering stitches until your skirt is the same length as your waistband.
7. Pin the gathers to the inside of the elastic, if desired.
8. And sew them on with a zig-zag!
And done!
I live in skirts like this in the spring and summer, so I think I need one in every bright, springy fabric out there!
(And they're even faster when you make them for little girls!)
The best part is, you can wear them high-waisted, or regularly!
(I really need a new model.....)
On a totally different note, I met one of my readers the other day!
My family was shopping in our local thrift store, and she came up and said "hi". She recognized us from the blog! I certainly didn't expect that someone else in my little town would be into craft blogs, how fun!
It was so nice to meet you, Eve!

Stay cool.


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