Summer,Kind of Wonderful.


Happy Sunday!
Have you ever connected with an outfit or asked yourself where that outfit has been all your life?
Because everything about that outfit feels right and more comfy than your birthday suit!
Ok,I am getting a little weird here,but this look felt just right. On a very sunny day,craving for ice cream,I wore this easy breezy ensemble and strolled through the park for some ice cream. This is my second time wearing this crop top on the blog and it's clearly one of my favorite crop tops. I happen to have the same in black too. Comes in handy when the heat is unbearable.
On a personal note,you might have noticed that I did cut down my posts and I don't visit your blogs as I did before. Reason being, I have been so busy lately that it is practically impossible to wear anything else other than scrubs. Bear with me as I try to fix this situation.

{Top: Boohoo Here // Skirt: Forever 21 // Sandals: H&M}

Stay cool.


  1. Don't worry, you're not weird :). This is a pretty nice ensemble.

  2. O my you look fantastic, love the red crop top and the skirt you paired it with:)

  3. You look stunning my dear! Everything about this look works!
    Love you fro too

  4. Hello there! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the follow It really warms my heart... <3 Btw, I'm in love with your hair, I think I love it much than my hair lol! thanks for the compliment also on my hasgtag-extra dry red copper hair.. it's still recovering from a serious damage. Anyways, following you back... Stay pretty and keep in touch!
    P.s I want that outfit of yours!

    Cassie Thriftier



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