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How to find the right suit!
Cropped,over-sized,box,double-breasted,slouchy,and so many more styles to choose from. To be honest with you,picking the right suit can be as hard as me trying to eat food with chopsticks. Unless you go for the easy option of that most common slouchy black suit every woman owns in their closet,buying the right suit can be tricky. I have always played it safe with less colors and accessories,yet this time I went bold! And I am glad I did!
I am sharing few tips on how to buy your first right suit.
First,how much are you will to spend. Because from there,you will know where exactly to buy it from. The bigger your budget,the more options you will have. Then,the right fit,the color you want and the style that defines you. Also remember what the suit is for. A work attire or casual wear kind suit. If it's for an interview,I don't think a neon color suit would be very appropriate.
Hoping that this was helpful and best of luck on the suit hunt.

{Suit: Nine West via Macy's // Shirt: Gabes // Pumps: Guess Here // Earrings: Thrifted}

Stay cool.

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