Last Black on Black outfit of 2012.


How are you guys spending the last days of 2012?
I wish I could enjoy more warm days but tough thing,the snow is getting on my nerves!
Not only the cold,but also the white stuff on the ground prevent me from taking nice pictures.UGHHH
I managed to take couple pictures after church.
What do you think of this look?

-Gifted dress
-Forever 21 leather jacket,tights and boots
-Thrifted crossbody

Stay cool


How I missed you guys!
I feel like I have been neglecting my baby blog for so long and gave up on my followers.
A shitty weather here in Pitts has been getting on my last nerve!Cold and storm on rendez-vous!
Jeez,I miss the sun,I miss taking great pictures,I miss your comments,I miss shopping,.and I am very tired of sitting in the shadow waiting for sunny days to take pictures and post!
Yesterday,before heading out in the cold,I snapped couple pictures in my apt.
I hope that they are not bad.

-Forever 21 Tank top,Vest,leather pants and boots
-Tommy Hilfiger turtleneck

Stay cool.



-Charlotte Russe combo jeans
-Charlotte Russe blouse
-Rue 21 jacket
-Bamboo booties
-Big Bouddha  bag

Stay cool.

Birthday dress


Happy Monday!
I am never excited about Mondays but this one is kinda special!
I am just happy and excited about holidays!
I have promised you pictures of my birthday dress. It has been 2 weeks and I almost forgot about it but yesterday I managed to take the pictures!

This dress is a show stopper!The neckline is perfect and the cut out details are more than sexy!
Shoulders pads and the back zip top it all.

-Venus dress
-Thrifted red bottom pumps
-Express clutch bag

I wish y'all a great week.

Stay cool.

Random Things.


I like to play around with different pieces on Polyvore and create looks that I would love to wear!
Here are some of them.

Stay cool.

Monochromatic Look!


Happy Sunday dolls!
Just came from church and in a hurry to work!
Today,I wore tuxedo pants and a sweater.Cool look!

-Forever 21 sweater
-Zara pants
-Micheal Kors heels
-Big Buddha bag
-Charlotte Russe necklace

I thank you for reading and following!Have a blessed week!

Stay cool.

Let Them Know Your Favourite Colour!


Long week for me at work that I forgot that I have pictures to share with you!
I love black on black outfits!Especially when I am wearing a red lipstick!Don't laugh but I feel glamorous every time I am wearing all black!
Don't you think that this skirt is a killer?Eye-catching,an elasticised waistline and partially lined.I love how it fit,how it is long and elegant!
What do you think?

-Gabs scoop neck t-shirt
-Charlotte Russe skirt
-Bakers leather vest
-TJ Maxx boots

Forever 21 sale on boots!HURRY AND GET YOURS!

Thanks for following me.You inspire me to keep posting!

Stay cool.

Head-To-Toe Prints.


YAY!..I was going to complain about how short my weekend was,but..let me keep it inside!
But seriously,my weekend was short,very short!
I barely had time to blog and see what is going on on my favourite blogs!
I have an hour ahead so I will be catching up!#legooo

I have been hoping for better days to wear this outfit for so long, unfortunately with Pittsburgh weather,I will never get it not until next Summer!So,today I jumped on the occasion and wore my outfit even tho it was a rainy day!
Floral prints and peplum top was just the perfect outfit to make my day!And I am so loving my new Zara heels!
How do I look?

-H&M pants and top
-Zara heels
-Gifted Express clutch
-Forever 21 blazer

I wish y'all a great week and a lot of blessings!

Stay cool.


Hello, My name is Chantal. A Rwandan girl now living in Pittsburgh. Welcome to my little fashion world!
Enjoy the journey.


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