Happy Sunday dolls!
Yesterday when I was getting ready to leave my house,I thought of a place where I could swing by and take couple snapshots but I couldn't come up with any great idea!
It made me think of how much blogging is very challenging.I am talking about the whole process.I am talking about from shopping the right items to the most gorgeous pictures of a post!
I am not going to include the shopping part because it relaxes me and I really enjoy it even tho sometimes I buy things I actually not even need.When I shop,I feel very  in my comfort zone!
I will start by choosing  the right outfit,the perfect makeup and achieve a flawless look!Not easy because for some of us,it takes us 20 good mins infront of a closet to find out what to wear.Unless I have a new outfit!
Then after that,you need a photographer and a place for pictures!That is when I completely get lost!Most of the time my roommate takes my pictures *in a hurry* right infront the door or in a parking lot!Jeez how I hate that!I am lucky when the brightness is enough to see what I am wearing most of the time!
And when I have the pictures,I need time to edit them and post!Which is hard too because my life isn't about blogging only.
That is why I am challenged!
Anyway,back to my post.Here is my yesterday look.

-Forever 21 pullover
-Forever 21 shorts
-Target tights
-Forever 21 boots
-Micheal Kors watch

I wish you a great week ahead and

Stay cool.


  1. Love it!
    kisses and have nice day

  2. Tell me about it! Sometimes, I just have to take a step back, and think of new places to take pictures. But, when it's cold outside, I just take my pictures inside...not the best though!

    I really like that top!! :)



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