God Save My Shoes!


I hope this week is coming up with new opportunities and blessings for each of you!

I recently watched "God Save My Shoes",a documentary of Julie Benasra,analyzing an intimate relationship between women and shoes.Such a marvelous documentary.
Us women,we can agree on one thing:Shoes are the most addictive pieces in our closet.The scary fact is that women don't care anymore about the shoes prices.From the cheapest pair of shoes to Christian Louboutins shoes!They just buy,buy, and keep on buying!Women just want shoes not need shoes!Every woman has a need of possessing at least one pair of black heels for special occasions which most of the time are dates!

On my side,every time I wear a pair of heels,I feel like a woman,I walk like a woman,like a princess,like I am sexy,like I can own the whole world,like I can achieve anything I set my mind on,like I don't belong to this earth anymore,like I have some super power,...
Shoes define our power,our identity, and the price defines the power of the woman wearing the heel.
I feel so special when I am in possession of a shoe that nobody else has in my circle.

Do you girls remember your first pair of heels?It is like remembering our first love!That is how it is for me.I will never forget the feeling I had when I wore my first high heels.It made me feel like a woman even though by that time I was still a teenager.It wasn't very comfy at first but I had to learn how to walk in them.

I am more likely to buy a good looking pair of stylettos than a very comfy pair of heel.It is like buying a piece of art or a fashion icon.The higher the heel gets,the sexier the shoe is!

In this post,I photographed ten of my favorite pair of shoes in my closet.I will explain what I think of the shoe and what it makes me feel like.


When I see this pair of stilettos,I think of Sarah Jessica Parker in "Sex and the City"!This is a pair of heels she would definitely wear with a puffy chiffon skirt and a long sleeves pullover!
Such a sexy shoe and comfy at once.But very unique!Not all the women would buy this pair because they would be afraid of the height!
When I wear such shoes,I feel like a dominant.

Devious stilettos.


I only want to wear this pair of pointed toe heels with a black pencil skirt and a cropped black top.
The buckled anklet strap makes it just perfect.
When I wear these shoes,I feel like a very respectful rich girl.

Zara heels.


Perfect wedges!They go with any item of a closet.Maybe with a little touch of jewels and Hollywood sunnies!Add a little sparkly clutch.hahaha!
I would picture these babies with a blue high-waist vintage pair of jeans and a white tucked tee.During Summer time of cause!Top that with a vintage fedora!Don't you dare call me old fashioned.I believe that these wedges add a feminine touch on the outfit!
I feel so comfy in these shoes.

Zara wedges


I remember when I got these CK sandals,it was a total crush right away!
I really didn't care about the price.They shape my toes and look so unique.I have always 
been a big fan of snakeskin shoes even though I didn't own any since last Summer.I guess it was a perfect timing.
How I feel when I am wearing these shoes?I feel just beautiful!

Calvin Klein sandals.


The type of shoes my mum would love to wear!But only because of the "Zero inch"heel!That is how I call them.She is not a fan of sky-high stilettos,so she would definitely go with these.
I am on my Michelle Obama attitude when I wear these!Hahaha!Her type of shoes right?
These are my first affair with Micheal Kors,just to let you know!

Micheal Kors pointed pumps.


I would definitely flirt,attract and seduce when wearing these babies!
Every woman need these in her closet!
I picture these shoes with a black skinny jeans and a sharp blazer!
What do you think?

Thrifted red bottom stilettos

7. RIRI.

I have seen Rihanna wearing similar strapped sandals uncountable times!
I love the anklet strap.So sexy!And it takes real women to wear such a scary shoe!On the other hand,they are very comfy in a way because of their light weight.
I feel flawless with these sandals.

Lulus sandals


The only thing you remark is the blue straps!Flashy!That is why I like them.
Well,these sandals are gorgeous but mostly,they have a special meaning to me because they remind me of great memories!Memories!

Qupid sandals.


A little cute Summer lace dress,beads and a tote of the same color as the shoes.A touch of a red lipstick too.
Then meeting up with the girl friends for a good meal.
That is how this shoe makes me feel!

Nine west heels.


Or "Dirty Dance movie"!Vintage but they win!They still my favorite dancing shoes!
A little piece of art in my closet!
Boyish but the heel pulls out the feminine side.I think of them every time I am wearing denims.

Brief,shoes to women are like water to fish!(If that expression ever existed!)

Stay cool!


  1. Wow those are a lot of shoes, lately i have been in to shoes myself lol



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