Spring Shopping List.


Yesterday when I was surfing the malls,I found out that I haven't made yet my "What To Wear in Spring  list"!So it would be easier for me when shopping for the new season!A lot of tees,prints pants,hats,neon necklaces,wedges,...you name it!I need/want to lighten up my closet.
I normally pick black colours when I am shopping but hey..a little change won't hurt me right!
Here is some of the items I have on my list:


I describe my style as girlish.Any thing cute is welcomed in my closet.Edgy,boho,boyish,vintage,...but GIRLISH!I love to look all cute and all!


Any design as long as it is above my knees!I am not a maxi-skirts person!
Pencil skirts for Sundays and circular skirts for any other day.Leather skirts would be my favourites of all!Laces come in the second place!
Prints,flashy colours and plain ones.Give them to me!lol


With shorts,jeans,tucked in skirts,..anything!
I love my shirts or blouses to be simple,colourful,with a flattering fabrics and the right size.
Of cause accessorized with crossbodies,necklaces,clutches,hats and sunnies!


Who doesn't love tees for simple outfits?
I just love them!Especially the ones with funny prints on them!


These are the easiest way to incorporate the latest trends in our closets!Make sure you have them in any colour!If you can afford it of cause!lol
I love how they are so easy to carry and so stylish!


 From casual jamming to formal business,necklaces are so flattering!
But remember that if you are wearing a decorated neckline,you don't put on a necklace!If you like dramatic looks,overdo your necklaces!
Ropes and lariats are not really my cup of the!I like to keep it simple!


I am not a blazer person.I can only stand denim jackets and college jackets only!I am a weirdo!


I am ready to take risks and be adventurous with any type of accessories!

What do you think of my list?
This is also usable for Summertime.I won't have to change much when I will do a transition of my Spring wardrobe to Summer wardrobe.

Happy Sunday dolls!

Stay cool!

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