Stress Among Other Things.


Lately,my life has been such a roller coaster with a lot of life challenges that I barely had time to blog.
Can we talk about something else other than fashion today? I would like to share with you how I deal with sticks and stones that life throws at me.
Any life challenge can seem very testing and overwhelming no matter how small or big the challenge is. In such situations,it doesn't help when you are a worrier like I am. Try to stay calm and positive. We all go through stressful times in our lives and we all have our own ways to deal with the stress. What's important is to stay focused on your goals! Focus on the solutions,because there are more than one,not the problem.
So back to dealing with stress,what I have found very helpful is prayers. Pray because our God is a God of the impossible. This might seem hard to believe at times,but it is the only truth.
Talk it out with someone. A spouse,a best friend,a family member,a person you trust or a journal. This will help you to not feel all alone or carrying all the weight on your shoulders. It's good to vent all the emotions and feelings.
Last but not least,do what you like. Hobbies,music,social events,exercises,...
Don't forget to eat well and get enough sleep.

I hope this was helpful.

{Jacket: Forever 21 // Dress: Asos // Heels: Elie Tahari}

Stay cool.


  1. i love everything, please just be fine and worry less. #muchluv
    new post:

  2. u look fab, love the girly dress paired with rocker jacket

  3. although you take about stress you look ravishing.
    I love the colour on you and that leather jacket. I need one in my life.
    es x x

  4. Your body is just amazing and those pumps go so well with the dress. I dont know how I missed this post cos I put up something similar yday. It is important to write about how we feel sometimes bcos you never know how it will help others. Yes to prayers and talking to someone. Have a blessed weekend!



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