All about that Blouse.


This Summer,I switched things around and added more colors to my wardrobe. Colors are so playful and so cheerful. I remember last Summer,all-black-everything was the new thing in my wardrobe. Not so much this time around.
This pretty blouse is a new addition to my Summer tops,purchased from Tj Maxx. I have to admit that I am now so obsessed with Tj Maxx. Although I have never been in a Tj Maxx store,I thoroughly am very familiar with their online shopping. It kinda feels like going to a big and fancy thrift store. But online with new clothes. They have pretty much anything you can think of. Clothing related at least. Strongly suggest that you check it out.

{Top: Tj Maxx // Jeans: Levi's // Pumps: Nine West // Bag: Ross Store // Head Wrap: Ankara}

Stay cool.


  1. hey there my dear :) cool post !its pretty! please keep doing more :)

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  2. Super outfit;)

  3. I love that head wrap! I wish this would suit me, too because it looks so cool :)

  4. Good decision to add more colors to your wardrobe. I love this association of colors and prints in this outfit.

  5. I will be checking them out, I love the blouse and scarf.



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