Finally a nose piercing.

Oh I feel like I ve been cheating on my blog.
Recently,I traveled to Texas and I haven't got any free time.
Not lying,I checked my facebook and other websites but I didn't treat well my blog.
This is why I feel like I cheated on it.

While I was in TX,My bestfriend asked me to get my ears and nose pierced.I am very terrified of piercings but I was ready to start with a nose piercing.
Don't ask me to give you all the details because there is none.Just tears!
I cried like a baby because it really hurts.

I could go along and get my ears pierced because of the pain.
The same day too,I got a weave which I like so bad because it gives me a new look.

I had such an amazing time in Texas,but I couldn't take enough good pictures of what I wore.
I still have not told my mum that I did the nose piercing because she was against it.
What is the best way to tell her?Send a picture or tell her?
Here are some of the pictures.

My nose piercing.

Last picture of my nose not pierced.

Stay cool.


  1. I love it! I got my nose pierced when I was in the 5th grade! I had to take it out when I joined the military and never put it back in. I am pretty sure if I tried, I could get an earring in it still. Love your hair. Thanks for the follow. Following you back! Kiah

    1. I love this nose piercing.
      I also love your blog.It is so cool.
      Thanks for following me.

  2. Replies
    1. merci Diane.
      J'ai recu tes photos.Elles sont superbe.



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