Printed skirt.


I wanted to share some pictures that I took.
I went to Ross store,I needed couple things for my room.

I mixed a printed skirt got in Gabriel Brothers with a blue top.
I loved the combination,simple,cool and chic at the same time.
I am so in love with my wedges.They are comfy that is why they are the only thing I see every time I am going somewhere.

Have a great weekend and stay cool.

Such an obsession.

This is a picture on the wall of my room.(Below my portrait)

Lately,I have been eating in disorder and junk food.
Not healthy hein!
I enjoy eating,I eat everything and spend a lot of money eating at restaurants since I don't know how to cook.(ok,I know how to cook the basic like rice,beans,FRIES,...)
The sad part is that I don't even work out to burn all the fat and undesirable weights gained from the tasty and yammy food I eat.As a part-time model,I am supposed to keep in shape all the time but I fail on my duty.

Since this past Monday,I am eating salad and fruits.
I also do 23 mins of INSANITY WORKOUT every day.
Wish me luck because I want to lose 10 pounds in a month.
Stay cool.

Inspired by lady G.


I have seen Lady Gaga in INSTYLE Magazine wearing a print shirt and a long skirt.I really loved the look that I had to ask my mum to make one for me back home and send it.I told you in my past posts that I got what she sent.This past Sunday,I went to church and wore the shirt.
I love it,I love it,I love it!
I am sorry for the dark pictures,My roommate took them in rush on her way to work.
I will shoot some more when I get a day off.

Stay cool.

Blue b'bes


Couple days ago,I got new sandals from Qupid.
I loved the blue color and the heels.I am thinking to wait and wear them at my friend's graduation in May but I don't know if I will resist until that long.

Check them out.

Stay cool.

A little shopping.


I did a little shopping today.I really didn't want to spend a lot because tomorrow I am going to the mall with the girls,then dinner and to end up with a massage.
I went to the bank.I wanted to change my card,,brabrabrabra.....
Then after,I went to one of the mall close to the bank.I was so glad to found my clip earrings at the mall.Normal,it is very hard to find good clip earrings.
They hurt but they are just amazing for us who don't have ear piercings.
Don't even ask me to get them.I won't!

These are the earrings that I got.

I had on Charlotte Russe shorts.
Madden Girl wedges.
Metallic top scored don't remember where exactly.
Self made bangles. 
and My mum's scarf for my weave.

Stay cool.


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Enjoy the journey.


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