The yellow door.

I am in a rush to work but wanted to share pictures that I took yesterday after lunch with a friend.
It was so hot and I realized that I have been turning darker than I was.
Uhummm..I should take care of myself,staying out of the sun and covering myself in case I am exposed to the sun.
well,I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Charlotte russe tank
AE jeans
Thrifted orange heels

And for me,a good meal means a lot....

Stay cool.

Beautiful zebra.

I hope y'all are doing very fine.
My bestie,Chantal,had a birthday on Sunday but we celebrated it on Monday.A lot of food,swimming,talk and fun.
It was a beautiful day outside and I decided to wear a beautiful max dress sent from Africa by my lovely mum.
I accessorized the dress with Dolce Vita black sandals,XXI crossbody and necklace,Pulsar watch and Sunnies.

Here are the pictures.

PS:Thanks for following me.I really appreciate it.

Stay cool.

Colors and Vintage.

Creepy to post at 3:21 am right?
What can I say or do when everything that I was thinking about when I was trying to sleep was a lot of good pictures on my memory card.
I have been having good times and enjoyed every little moment that I had in this past weekend that I am really not feeling going back to work.
Saturday I had lunch with a friend,then we hang out at the mall and ended up in a hookah bar.
Here is my outfit on Saturday.

Lulus top,H&M trousers,Miss Me flat shoes and Forever 21 Crossbody.

On Sunday,I went to church then attended a graduation party.
I wore one of my new vintage dresses.Such a priceless piece in my closet!

Hope you enjoy the post and get inspired :)
Stay cool.

Red *Red


Oh..I feel good.
Can you see it?
Here are some pictures.

Express Design Studio red dress,
Gabriel Brothers chiffon cropped top,
Miss me black flat shoes,
Thrifted tote.

Stay cool.

Tennis dress.


What a beautiful day it was today!90's degrees outside!
Some will call me crazy because it is too hot to be hanging outside,but others will call it a great bikini day.Well,I went somewhere and by the occasion I took couple pictures.

Gabriel Brothers tennis dress
wore with light blue converse had since 2010.

Stay cool.

DIY: Mayonnaise hair treatment

Hmmm mayonnaise? In my hair? really?

WELL it contains egg yolk (packed full of protein), vinegar (restores shine) and lemon (great for cleansing) which are the main ingredients within the mayo which help to nourishthe hair. This mixture is great for frizzy, brittle, damaged or dry afro hair.

If you have ran out of conditioner, and need an emergency intensive treatment after shampooing you can make the perfect batch within minutes.

You will need

1 small cup of mayonnaise
1 tbl spoon of olive oil

Shampoo your hair (it needs to be clean!)
Apply a small amount to hair, comb through for even distribution (concentrate on the ends)
Leave on for 15-20 minutes with plastic cap (for even better results go under a dryer or use a pre heated towel)
Rinse throughly with luke warm water (if you need to use shampoo use a tiny amount)
Towel dry

Do this every 2 weeks for extreme damage, or 1 to 2 month for regular treatment

The green purse.


Hope y'all are having a good time.
It was my friend's birthday yesterday and I really didn't feel like dressing up.
I don't know for you but me,when it is too hot,I can't find what to wear.
I came up with this outfit.

Forever 21 stripes top
H&M trousers
Aldo sandals
Gabriel Brothers purse

And y'all should stop and take a look at me!

I promise you better pictures in the future.Sorry for these ones.
Stay cool.

New hair.

(please scream with me)
I LOVE MY HAIR NOW.I can't believe that I am saying this!
I wish y'all could touch it and feel how soft it is now.
plus that it is a little longer than I used to wear it,it is also curlyyyyyyyyy!
Jzzz I am so happy.
check out this.

Stay cool.


Hello, My name is Chantal. A Rwandan girl now living in Pittsburgh. Welcome to my little fashion world!
Enjoy the journey.


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