Retail Therapy.


Happy Weekend!!
Only God knows how I miss hot sunny days and nice long weekends of relaxation. This cold weather got me feeling some type of way and my hibernation mood is at its best. It's seriously depressing.
So the story behind these gorgeous shoes is pretty inspiring. Ok,not that much inspiring but I am sure every woman can relate to the story.
Last Monday morning I was feeling shitty then I decided to take a trip to the mall to relax. Big girls don't cry,big girls go shopping just because shopping is the best therapy ever! Shamelessly I have to admit that I was alone going store to store. I stumbled up these shoes in Macy's and I wasn't going to leave them there. I broke the bank but I was the happiest girl on Earth. That's how I relieved my stress guys!
How do you relieve the stress?Do you shop too?

Stay cool.


  1. Lovely shoes. I def engage in some retail can be such a stress reliever.

  2. Love the blue especially
    Lovely collection

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