Skirts Over Pants.


 Skirts over pants or more like doing a Yasmin Sewell number! Pretty interesting and lets call it as it is:Risk-taking! It might be the most cutting edge trend but can one pull it off or wear it in the street without looking like they just missed the fashion week? I remember back then when my mum made me wear pants under skirts because she would say that I was young to be almost barelegged. I would cry and refuse to leave the house because I thought I looked hideous. The SOP trend for sure is acceptable on 5"10 girls fresh off the runway. And we have to agree that runway looks are way far from the reality and street styles. But again why not add a little drama to this boring Winter wardrobe and try the trend? Take advantage of the cold days and step up your layering game.

Stay cool.


  1. But why didn't your mum just let you wear the trousers alone? Would have fixed the 'bare leg" problem *thinking out loud*

    I don't think I'm brave enough for this trend, if I were to try it , the skirt will definitely be really short. Lol
    Yasmin sewell is boss though

  2. Some of them work like the Joseph Fall 2012 collection, but this style is definitely for a brave solider. I mean I've seen people pull of the dress over pants look because a dress can pass as a oversized shirt. My favorite is the last look. But you'd have to have a lot of confidence to pull it off. And I can relate to your experience. That's why for a long time I only wore pants, but thanks to the maxi skirts, there's an alternative. -

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  4. What if we tried a look like this for this coming weekend and see how it goes?
    (Sometimes, I forget this isn't Instagram and start tagging people like @laxsacha or @fifinyiri LOL)



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