Stripes and Khaki Green.


It would be an understatement to say that the day we shoot these pictures it was so cold.I mean it was chilled to the marrow,bitterly cold,shivering...It was impossible to stand outside for even a second and I couldn't pose for pictures! Yet I managed to snap couple awkward pictures for the sake of my baby blog! I have always had this idea of wearing a turtleneck top with skinny jeans and killa pumps. I think it's easy,casual,and super chic. Surprisingly,I am mastering the art of casual wear.

{Coat: Gabes // Turtleneck: Tommy Hilfiger // Jeans: Levi's // Heels: Rampage}

Stay cool.


  1. loving your grey outfit for snow day
    Keep in touch

  2. Love this
    Big thumbs

  3. Great coat honey!
    Love how you match the colors!

    visit me soon on

  4. Yes, I follow you on gfc #308, follow back?

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