Sunday's Best.


My approach to dressing for Sundays is looking classy with a feminine touch. Which in often times isn't very tricky for the simple reason that,when one thinks of feminine thinks dresses,pencil skirts,high-waist and wide leg trousers. For me,I will take a body-hugging dress on any given day. I wore this look last Sunday when I went to church. As it is still cold,I added a faux fur vest to keep warm.
Wishing you all a blessed week!

{Vest:Gabes // Dress:Gabes // Heels:Topshop // Necklace:Charlotte Russe // Watch:Pulsar}

Stay cool.


  1. That dress is so cute and flatters you. Sunday is the one day intentionally put on something feminine too. I guess I was raised to look like a lady on Sunday' Not all the time though. I still love my trainers. I am all about comfort. You look smashing
    Es x x

  2. u look super pretty and are so well tones
    Keep in touch

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  5. Love this dress! I need more dresses like this. You can pair them with items and accessories all different kinds of ways. You have such a pretty figure girlie.

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