Simple It Is.


I dressed down to go grab some dinner with my roommate/bestfriend. It was actually warm enough to step outside with only one layer of clothing on! Spring days are here guys! I also got a chance to wear my Jessica Simpson sandals that I got weeks ago. They are pretty comfortable and versatile.

{Sweatshirt: Gabes // Jeans: Buffalo Jeans // Sandaals: Jessica Simpson // Ring: Karla's closet}

Stay cool.


  1. you're gorgeous :) love that sweater. blush pink, yes?

  2. hi dear, you're so nice in these pics and your shoes are very cool

  3. u look chic, totally loved your hair
    the shoes are to die for
    Keep in touch

  4. I'm so excited for spring too! I'm ready to shed off these layers. It's crazy how just last week it was snowing here. I love your sweater and your hair looks great! -

  5. I love the new hair and the shoes. you look super cute. I am so excited for spring too.
    Es x x

  6. You look so amazing!!!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

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