Same Sweater In Different Colors.


My friends never understand why one would buy the same item in different colors. A sweater in all colors,a pair of pumps in different colors,or even t-shirts. I say,if you like it buy it in different colors. I have to admit that I went overboard and purchased this sweater in more than seven colors. There is nothing like a sweater that goes with everything. Especially when your favorite combo is a pencil skirt paired with a sweater.

On a side note,I have been adding baking soda to my cleanser and the results are bomb! It gives my face a smooth touch and clears up any blemishes and imperfections on my face. If you have large pores,a paste of water and baking soda will definitely minimize them.
You can thank me later

{Sweater: Gabes // Skirt: Tj Maxx // Shoes: Aldo Shoes // Bag: Gabes // Earrings: XXI}

Stay cool

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