Black skin rocks.

My name is La x sacha, I am from Rwanda, Africa. I am 5'8 and I weight 127 pounds. I have one brother,Nicolas, and both parents.I am a student, a Biology major at La Roche College. I am one of those girls who believe in the power of HIGH HEELS. This is to say that I love fashion with all my heart.
I am a full time student and I work, help old people, full time too.I am a model. I will do anything to go far in modeling. I speak French,English and my mother tongue:" Kinyarwanda".
 About my personality; I have a knack for knowing just how to handle any situation, I am very critical of myself and others.I can be pick at times and I believe that I have strong opinions.
I like helping others, I am very friendly and I have a hard time saying "no" when someone asks me for a favor.
But sometimes this makes me feel that others take me for granted. People like to say that I have a young spirit in a woman body.
I am who I am,I won't change anything on me and I believe that I can achieve anything that I want to achieve.
I smile all the time and hardly get mad.
There is so much that I can say about myself, good and bad. You want to hear something bad about me? I can be careless sometimes and I am good at pretending. I can easly fake my feelings and I don't show my weaknesses. This will make hard for someone to tell if I am mad or in a bad mood.I am very confident about myself and I believe that I can do everything if someone did it before. I like to live in a very clean environment. My friends like to say that I have OCD. Sometimes I believe so.
I believe that three keys to success are:

  • Grades:I work hard in school in order to prepare for my future career.
  • Self-Esteem:I have a friendly personality,I expect the best and I know that I am unique
  • Family,friends,social-I am charming.

About what I wear, I like to wear simple clothes but I pay attention on my appearance. I can't live without high heels,blazers and skinny jeans.
I like to imitate a look that I have seen somewhere and liked.I buy magazines to check what is out in fashion. I cut from magazines all the looks that I like and post them in a big agenda that I hold since 2 years now. In the morning when I wake up, depending on the weather and what kind of mood I am in, I think about what I am going to wear or take a look in my agenda. I take a look in my closet before taking a shower in order to get a clear idea of my outfit.I like high heels as I said before, sunglasses, men watches,parfums and red nail polish. I always apply make-up, I can't go out without at least a lipstick.
I often shop for clothes but I don't buy expensive clothes(sometimes yeah :) ).And I like to mix old and new lookh. I shop online, in the stores and I even window-shop. My favorite outfit in the winter would be booties with heels, leather pants,  warm top and a blazer. In the summer, my favorite outfit would be a strapless long dress, sandals and sunglasses. 
I use make-up every day. My friends make fun of me because I can't go anyway without my foundation and lipstick on. I like Forever products, Mac make-up and Cover Girl lipsticks.

What else can I say about myself? I am a fun girl, I like hanging out, I like interacting with people from everywhere and I like having so many friends. I eat a lot even if I don't know how to cook. I hate doing exercises and going to the gym. I like to enjoy good afro zouk, old french songs and soul music every time I get a day off. I can't study or sleep without music. I don't wear earlings because I am affraid of piercings. I have experience in modeling and fashion since I am 18 years old.I participated in Miss Kigali in 2007 and I was in AUC Peagent 2011 in Pittsburgh. I took modeling class in 2008 with Barbizon school of acting and modeling in Texas. I have signed with DMG Management in Texas and Pittsburgh talents. I work with different designers as a runway model. 
I like romantic movies, I read novels and I write poems.                               I am catholic, I enjoy the mass and I love God.
I am very glad that I finally posted something on my blog. I have never had time and to tell you the truth, I was a little scared to start blogging for no reason. I want to show you how I love fashion, what is my potential and the love that I have inside for everything that I do!


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Hello, My name is Chantal. A Rwandan girl now living in Pittsburgh. Welcome to my little fashion world!
Enjoy the journey.


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