Black Gemstones.


Just to start,I present to you my favorite color:Black.
I don't care what it symbolize,I don't care how it absorbs the heat and make you sweat..I just love it.
I feel like I have been cheating on it tho,because I haven't wore much of it this Summer.
Promise that I will do in my next posts.

I ve told you about the flood in my last post.So,I decided to take days off at work just to clean up the house and be there when they change the carpet.What a relieve to get rid of the stinky one!yay!
I ended up going shopping today and having lunch with my girl friend.

here is what I wore.

-TJ maxx black jeans
-Charlotte russe blouse
-Gabriel brothers tote.
-Ciao Bella pumps.(very comfy)
-Thrifted earrings and H&M black and gold watch.

I wish you a wonderful evening and

Stay cool.



Hello, My name is Chantal. A Rwandan girl now living in Pittsburgh. Welcome to my little fashion world!
Enjoy the journey.


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