Following the flow.

Hello, Look at my blog...Damn,how I love it! I took the initiative of changing the design of my blog because the first one was just so commun!Of cause I couldn't do it without help. Hope y'all like it! Now I am in Indianna for a friend's wedding.I am really having some good times with my best friend Alma!The weather is just perfect and I am so glad that I met couple friends of mine that I haven't seen in so long.Brief,life is so good now! Y'all know how it is when you are really on a vacation and no time for pictures. I managed to snap couple pictures after lunch with friends.We went to a lake and enjoyed drinks,jokes and way back childhood memories! Hope to take more pictures while enjoying my vacation!

H&M blue sandals AE destroyed jeans Gabriel Brothers tee H&M sunnies. Stay cool.



Hello, My name is Chantal. A Rwandan girl now living in Pittsburgh. Welcome to my little fashion world!
Enjoy the journey.


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