Black Gemstones.


Just to start,I present to you my favorite color:Black.
I don't care what it symbolize,I don't care how it absorbs the heat and make you sweat..I just love it.
I feel like I have been cheating on it tho,because I haven't wore much of it this Summer.
Promise that I will do in my next posts.

I ve told you about the flood in my last post.So,I decided to take days off at work just to clean up the house and be there when they change the carpet.What a relieve to get rid of the stinky one!yay!
I ended up going shopping today and having lunch with my girl friend.

here is what I wore.

-TJ maxx black jeans
-Charlotte russe blouse
-Gabriel brothers tote.
-Ciao Bella pumps.(very comfy)
-Thrifted earrings and H&M black and gold watch.

I wish you a wonderful evening and

Stay cool.

A Vintage Breez.


What a Monday!
Just to resume you my weekend...I had a flood at home on Friday.You can imagine the damages..Wet shoes,carpet,and a waste of time cleaning up the house.Oh..I forgot ..the stinky carpet!Jeez..I am overwhelmed!

Beside that bad news,I was more than flattered to wear this gorgeous,amazing and so feminine old-vintage-wedding dress.
I scored it in an old store way back and never wore it.
The material is just so beautiful and so so so old that I was so careful putting on or taking it off.

I wore it with gorgeous Jessica Simpson pumps.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and I promise you guys more posts in the future.

Stay cool.

Rough Sunshines.


Sitting at work,one more hour to go,I remembered pictures taken days ago that I never got a chance to edit.
Here it is one of my gorgeous summer dresses.

Wish you a great week.

Stay cool.

A bustier and A vest kinda Mood.


It is been a shitty weather,rainy,thunders and a little chilly but today I managed to relax in a warm weather. I am hoping that tomorrow will be more warmer because I have a perfect outfit for the day.

I had an old denim jacket that I haven't wore in a while so I decided to make a vest out of it.Cool look I think. Hope yinz are enjoying an amazing weekend.Mine will be spent at work.

Stay cool.



I love this peplum skirt even tho I don't wear it very often.Lack of special occasions!
And since I bought this stripes red chiffon top,I ve paired it with most of my powerful colors!

Stay cool.

Suited for it.


Here it is what I wore for my friend's wedding. Lulus royal blue dress with padded cap sleeves.I felt in love with its deep sexy plunging back.I wore it with Forever 21 Citron platform heels. Stay cool.



my last post,I told you guys that I have been enjoying a great vacation in Chi-town then Indianna.Oh how it sucks to come back home and jump to my normal routines! No complains,I was so happy to sleep in my bed..hahaha Because I didn't get enough rest while I was away! Here are some pictures that my best friend took of me. It was a really hot day but I managed to wear my fvrt neon top. Forever 21 neon skirt,Charlotte russe neon top, H&M sunnies and sandals. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Stay cool.

Following the flow.

Hello, Look at my blog...Damn,how I love it! I took the initiative of changing the design of my blog because the first one was just so commun!Of cause I couldn't do it without help. Hope y'all like it! Now I am in Indianna for a friend's wedding.I am really having some good times with my best friend Alma!The weather is just perfect and I am so glad that I met couple friends of mine that I haven't seen in so long.Brief,life is so good now! Y'all know how it is when you are really on a vacation and no time for pictures. I managed to snap couple pictures after lunch with friends.We went to a lake and enjoyed drinks,jokes and way back childhood memories! Hope to take more pictures while enjoying my vacation!

H&M blue sandals AE destroyed jeans Gabriel Brothers tee H&M sunnies. Stay cool.

Purple Spotting.

Every time I am posting new pictures,I try to look for details to modify in my next post,pauses to take and think of what I would love to wear in my next post.Now thinking,I don't know why I don't carry purses or add couple accessories to my outfits!
This outfit lacks of a purse or a clutch,earrings and some bracelets!Not saying that I don't own any of those items but just because I am not a purse person!Everyone has her/his own style,so I guess my is "less accessories"!
I created a set on Polyvore to try it out.Check out the pictures.

GUESS flare dress
XXI vest
Thrifted heels

I wish y'all a great week.Blessings from above to each of you.

Stay cool.


Hello, My name is Chantal. A Rwandan girl now living in Pittsburgh. Welcome to my little fashion world!
Enjoy the journey.


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