Birthday Wish List


So, birthday is in the twinkling of an eye(*Excitement*) and of cause I have been looking for ways to treat myself as the tradition recalls!Besides the big party that me and my bestfriend/roommate/PIC are throwing,I have to give to my lovely self a big gift!Or very special!Too much self-love huh?
I have been eyeing Louboutin shoes since forever and when I thought that it was about time that I pick up some extra shifts and pay for the damn shoes,I chickened out,got greedy and really scared to talk about big numbers($625) on one pair of shoes!Such a big dilemma!
Anyhow,I want to get timeless black pumps and few more reasonable items.
What do you think?

Birthday Wish List

Stay cool.


  1. lol. your list is quite reasonable. I also just did a birthday wishlist post on my blog. When is your birthday?

  2. I got a trench coat for my birthday this year, and I love it! definitely a great wish list item :)



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