My Big 25!


Happy birthday to me!
Yesterday I turned 25 years old and from now on,I officially consider myself as a very mature and grown woman.Ok..I will keep goofing around because that's part of my character but in a serious way!If only that makes sense!
When I was 20 years old,I thought that I would be married by 25 and have kids.But as I get older,I realise that 25 still young and for me,not a good age to make such big decisions about life.
As I ruminate about the past,I wonder what I have done of my last 24 years!I really don't know!
Being 25 doesn't mean that I have to stop watching cartoons and watch more of CNN and BBC or put up with BS from anyone because I am too old for high school drama.I am 25 years old but I would still rock a neon pink hair if I wanted to.Being 25 will never stop me following my dreams.I am one of those persons who believe in "Travel while you can" and I am just living it up for now.I do whatever the heck make me happy.
Living is a long journey.All you have to do is stepping towards your dreams.With no regrets!
As I celebrated another year,I was joined by friends for a late dinner and salsa dancing all night long.It was a very fun night and sore legs from dancing in heels!
I am very thankful for all the blessings in my life and I am looking for a more brighter future!

Stay cool.


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