May Style Session.


Happy May!!
I am currently working on defining what works for me and what doesn't!I already know that big patterns and showy colors don't get along with my minimalist living.I am super excited to start sorting out what's staying and what's out.This is going to be a great challenge and a change.
These are the items I am going to focus on this month.
A plain white tee!Not only a weekend wear but also a daily basis fashion must-have.You can never go wrong with it and it goes with everything.White tees are effortless,simple yet chic.
A LBD just because I will put it on repeat!Ok..because it's effortlessly perfect.
Mesh and hot booties are just H.O.T!

May Style Session.

Stay cool.


  1. Love your choices, great!! Nice pastel bag, and like the mesh tee.xx

  2. Yes, that is important! Basics will last you a lifetime :) great plan girl!

    - Che

  3. Great choices, I really liked those black shoes .. Bag is so nice too
    Happy Weekend



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