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I have a fashion blog but I have never considered myself as a fashion blogger! More like a fashion enthusiast. Like every woman out there,I like to shop,dress up,dress down,take pictures and share with you what I wear. Because all that make me feel better about myself and hope to inspire other fashion lovers! I never plan outfit posts and it might come to you as a shock that I share on the blog very casual looks such as this one! Because this is my outfit when I am going to the store for milk and also need to update my blog. And no,I don't carry heels with me nor look for a location for pictures. One thing that sets apart one's blog from a sea of so many bloggers is staying true to who you are and your style. How do you master casual outfits that are blog acceptable?

{Hat: Gabes // Top: Marshalls // Jeans: H&M // Flats: Zara // Bag: Ross Store}

Stay cool.


  1. This hat is so so amazing! I love!
    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  2. I agree with this so much. I don't really consider myself a fashion blogger because it seems if you are you should also have modeling experience. I tried to plan an outfit post today and that did not work out because I felt it was too forced. Love the casual look. - culturedmisprint.blogspot.com



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