Facial Treatment Mask.


I came across this product while strolling in Marshalls and decided to give it a try. I had never tried a facial mask before other than baking soda and coconut oil that I mix myself to exfoliate the skin.
As someone who has very sensitive skin, I always try to keep a simple routine:Water,cleanser and a moisturizer of the same brand. Most products that I try make my skin break out in the next 5 mins. Not that I have bad skin or anything,but cleansing the skin,cleaning the pores,getting rid of dead skin cells and renewing the skin cells is very important to maintain healthy skin.

After cleaning my face,I applied the mask on and as you can tell I had difficulties unfolding and positioning it on my face. Maybe a little too big for my face? The mask felt so smooth that I was already eager to touch my face after the indicated time. After a few minutes,the mask felt so cold or fresh on my skin. I removed it after 15 minutes and the mask had worked such wonders on my very dry skin as you can tell.
I will give you a final update after my second or third application for a more accurate review!

You can get this mask from Amazon.com Here

Stay Cool.


  1. Your skin looks really good


  2. Facial masks are really refreshing to the skin, as it helps moisturize the face and aids oily skin. Yours looked really great after using that mask. Thank you for sharing this! All the best to you!

    Marshall Copeland @ Baja Medi Spa



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