Shoulder baring.


You know that feeling you get when you wear something really really nice that happens to also feel marvelously comfortable in all the right places? Well,I had that feeling when I wore this dress and matching heels. It's another Zara dress and pumps. I can now go ahead and say that pencil dresses are my favorites. Like I already didn't know! They are timeless,empowering and super feminine. If you don't own any,I say go get one. Or two. Or heck three.
This Zara dress is a bit different from my other pencil dresses. The off-the-shoulder detail gives it a different twist. Planning on running the world in pencil dresses! Who is with me :)

{Dress & pumps: Zara // Earrings: XXI}

Stay cool.


  1. Gorgeous dress dear, looks so perfect on you! Amazing!

  2. I love your dress!



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