A bra and panties.

How do you feel when you wear something like this?
I guess the answer is "I feel like a woman".That is my first answer.I would also say that I feel more confident,stunning,beautiful,unique,desirable,....
Some girls can be like why?It is just a bra and underpants.

When I was little and started to develop a breast,I was so happy that I was going to start wearing a bra.
But my mum didn't allow me to wear one because she said that if I wear a bra at a young age I will have a sagging breast.I wasn't very happy about that but I learnt how to live without a bra.I got used to wear sport bustier.

It is only until when I was 21 that I wore my first bra.It wasn't very comfortable at first,but I felt like a woman and more feminine.
Since then I consider a bra and a matching underwear as a symbol of feminism.It is enticing,hot,ravishing and  seducing.It is also a sexual garment.I like my bras and underpants to have the same color as my skin color but I also like the red ones.I believe that the red color is a seducing color.

Let's not forget that it is also scientifically proved that women who wear a bra 24/7 are the most affected by breast cancer.The pressure that a bra exert on the breast and surrounding areas inhibit  the flow of lymph which then causes toxins and other waste materials to remain in the breast instead of being flushed out.
We can't forget also the red marks left on our shoulders. 

Girls,let's rock our bras and underpants!

Stay cool.


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