Finding the Real Me.

Few days ago,I have been thinking about myself and what I want to do with my life. This is not easy to always find out what will be the  next step in my life.I am a Sagittarius, and as we all know,Sagittarius people are very independent and are afraid to take new decisions.I can even say that I am terrified by changes in my life.
During this Spring semester,I changed my major to Nursing.I was really fed up by Biology.Don't get me wrong,I really love it but I wanted change,I wanted to do something exciting,something that I like and I ended up going in Nursing program.
I didn't limit my thoughts, I started thinking about how I got involved in fashion.Uhummmm good thoughts.
When I was so little,I remember one day cutting the bottom part of my skirt  to make it look shorter.Imagine!
My mum always made my hair braided and cared a lot about what I was wearing.She always dressed me in skirts and dresses.
This is me when I was 4 years old.

When I was in Primary school back home(Rwanda ♥) which is like Middle school here, I was almost a tomgirl.I could care less about my look. I didn't use any makeup,I was either at school or playing with other kids.I wasn't what I am now.
As I was growing up, I watched my mother taking care of herself,wearing beautiful clothes,organizing her room and our rooms,taking care of my dad's clothes,...
I remember that when I started High school, every morning before I go to school,I used to sneak in my mum's room to steal her perfume because I liked it so much.She uses Kenzo,Innocence or Gucci.That was silly because I didn't think that she will smell it on my way out from her room.I have always looked on my mum,what kind of purses she was carrying, what kind of shoes she wore,..I admire my mum in everything she does.
From that on,I promised to myself that I will always smell good and have good purses.

I also took examples on my bestfriend, Lysca.She is a very stylish girl and very girly.I watched everything she wore,shoes she wore, makeup she used when we were in high school.I remember that I used to starve myself to save money so I can buy clothes every time I got enough money.At the end I got sick and my dad found out that I never ate launch at school to save money.
After High school,I was a contestant in Miss Kigali 2007.After that, I started taking care of myself,practiced what I learnt in the competition and I was totally a different person.I also started modeling,working with different designers in Rwanda. When I came in the USA,I took modeling classes with Barbizon school of modeling and acting and signed with DMG Management after I graduated.I worked with different designers in Texas and Pittsburgh and now I hope for a brighter future in modeling.

I wrote all this in order to find out where I really became involved in fashion,but I found out that I have loved fashion since I am a little girl.Now on,I really love fashion with all my heart and I believe that fashion in my life is some type of guide in everything that I do.I take fashion as a key to some success in life that I ever had.

I am in peace with my mind now I just wrote what I have been thinking of since few days ago,and I hope it served or helped a little.

Stay cool.


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