Easy Breezy.


The thing I like about fashion, is that I get to wear everything. Trendy or not,dress up or down and get away with it! My blog wouldn't be fun if I kept it suit and tie right!!Sometimes dressing down feels like the right thing to do. Putting together this look I am sharing with you was so easy and fun! A trip to Starbucks doesn't require much and I had no need of wearing heels. On a personal note, I sent these pictures to my mum and she cried and said that I used to look like this when I was little. Maybe because less makeup and no lipstick on makes me look younger!

{Top: Gabes // Shorts: Thrifted Ralph Lauren // Sneakers: H&M Here}

Stay cool.

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  1. Aww. Yes you actually look younger and really pretty. I get what you mean, not everytime superstylish and heels and all, sometimes just real laidback.
    Love the look




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