Stop and Smell The Roses!


Couple days ago,I had an urge to buy a new perfume. Every time I come across perfume samples in magazines or smell something really nice on someone,I save the name for my next trip to Macy's to try on perfumes or buy new ones!
I had more than twenty must-have perfumes and most of them were men fragrances.That's how bad I have it for men perfumes. I like how men perfumes are strong with an impressive staying power.
This "Nautica Aqua Rush Gold" smells very fresh and cool. Plus,it doesn't overpower you.
I also bought this Roberto Cavalli which smells just like Summer. At least to me..

What's your favorite Summer scent?

Stay cool.

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  1. I need to try nautilus aura. Definatly need a fresh fregrance for summer
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